EBN Learning Centre

EBN Learning Centre

The learning centre provides an opportunity for individuals to obtain a Mature Student High School Diploma. It is an online satellite program developed in partnership with Midland Learning Centre and Sunrise Adult Learning Centre. 


The program assists Mature Students in meeting the entrance requirements for University or College. Basic computer courses are also offered at the learning centre. Many adults who go back to school do so for a variety of reasons, such as: 


  • To meet entrance requirements for University or College.

  • Enhance their employment opportunities.


The program is for adults who want to:


  • Complete prerequisite courses needed for further study;

  • Obtain a graduation certificate;

  • Prepare for employment;

  • Refresh their work skills and confidence for work or further studies;

  • Reach a personal goal;


Our tutors understand the challenges students face when returning to school as adults, and provide support to students to make their experience a success. 


The Learning Centre offers:


  • Continuous intake

  • Assistance in getting registered

  • Access to tutors who can assist students with online course material

  • Individual learning programs

  • Opportunity to work at your own pace and determine your own schedule


Volunteer tutors needed if you have knowledge of and experience teaching standard high school subjects and are interested in volunteering, please contact us at (204) 642-9736.


Current Learning Centre Courses

  • Chemistry

  • Pre Calculus

  • Physics

  • Biology

  • English Language Arts

  • Essential Math

  • Applied Math



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