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A Note From Evergreen Basic Needs

2020 has been an exceptional year in so many ways. Due to the emergence of Covid 19 and the pandemic that followed, pivoting was the catch word as each week brought new challenges and opportunities for the EBN Food Bank, Thrift Store and Café as well as the community as a whole. While we still continue to live through this unprecedented time in our history, we look back with thanks to all the individuals, businesses, organizations and governments that have assisted us throughout this time of uncertainty. 

When the pandemic began, donations from the community started to roll in. When it became apparent that we were in this for the long haul, support from several organizations and government agencies also began to kick in. Then our Christmas Campaign exceeded all expectations. Through it all the EBN Food Bank has maintained its ability to provide relief from food insecurity with healthy and nutritious food to those who need our services, whether it is for one-time or ongoing assistance to get through a rough patch of job loss or health concerns.

The support that we have received will allow us to confidently continue with our mandate to help those who need help.

Thank You