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A Note From Evergreen Basic Needs

2021 continued the struggle that began in 2020. As the Pandemic circled the
globe in wave after wave, the local, provincial and federal governments
continued to support our organization. Individuals and businesses, going
through their own struggles, continued to support our organization. Private
and Community Foundations, always responsive to our requests, continued to
support our organization. We look back with thanks to everyone that has
assisted us throughout this time of uncertainty. We look forward with hope
that 2022 will see brighter days ahead.

The challenges persist on many fronts, whether it is the increased costs of
food, housing and fuel or supply chain issues. Through it all the EBN Food
Bank maintains its ability to provide relief from food insecurity with healthy
and nutritious food to those who need our services. Whether it is a one-time
need or ongoing assistance to get through a rough patch of job loss or health
concerns, EBN will be there.

The support that we have received will allow us to confidently continue with
our mandate to help those who need help.

Thank You

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